Multi-sensory media marketing to multi-sensory beings. So Simple!
Your digital marketing efforts to get noticed fall short in a multi-sensory way to create meaningful, long-lasting connections. Integrating SENSORY MEDIA® is A Human Approach you need to build flourishing relationships.

This online course is deliberately designed with both SENSORY and DIGITAL components to give you the full experience of exactly how A Human Approach can be so effective. First you will receive our SENSORY MEDIA® bundle, packed with all the goodies we have prepared to pique your senses. Then, while you enjoy our SENSORY MEDIA® Belgian chocolate bar, the signed copy of SENSORY MEDIA®, our tote bag and our famous teal pen, you can dig into the online course exercises and worksheets, all guided by Jae herself, to learn how to sense your way to Succeed Deliberately!
One thing is for sure (and probably forgotten), is that behind that email address, that account number, that social media URL is a HUMAN, a sensory being, a decision-maker, an influencer, a consumer and someone who is potentially your BEST customer. 
10/10 customers will go out of their way to get a promotional product.  
  • SENSORY MEDIA ® A Human Approach to Marketing. Level One Course
  • A personally autographed copy of SENSORY MEDIA® : Discover the Way to Anchor Your Brand and Be Memorable
  • The famous BIC CLIC pen on the book cover
  • A mega bar of SENSORY MEDIA® Belgian chocolate
  • Your first month's membership FREE
  • Free digital copy of 50 Ways to Market to Humans
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But you need to be communicating with them in a different way. Online communication has great value; but taking A Human Approach has far greater impact … and we are here to show you how. 
“Jae Rang makes a brilliant case for how such products can be regarded as sensory media and as an integral part of a marketing strategy.”
- Ed Laba, Ed Laba and Associates
“...The impact is far more profound than I realize, and the process of being purposeful in choosing is one I’m implementing starting immediately.”
- Amy Stoehr, Executive Coach, McLean International
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You see, there is a reason Bob Proctor wrote the foreword for SENSORY MEDIA®.
As a master thinker and educator on the science of the mind and universal law – and mega-million-dollar income earner - Bob has long experienced the power of sensory media and embraces its integration at every turn.

Bob gets it.
Bob gets that this is a media that interacts with all the senses;
and since we learn through our senses, this is truly
A Human Approach to marketing.
But if you are ready to go, let’s get started together. 
Your bundle includes:
  • SENSORY MEDIA® A Human Approach to Marketing, Level One course
  1. Three essential keys to be delivered to your inbox. These three steps are crazy simple, easy to digest and apply. You will get one Aha! after another!
  2. Lesson one: the science. WHY SENSORY MEDIA® works!
  3. How to use it to STOP wasting money on stuff nobody wants!
  4. How to have some fun building on purpose, one Aha! after another.
  5. The Result: ONE simple, pivotal strategy will emerge for you that will make ALL the difference!
  • A personally autographed copy of SENSORY MEDIA®: Discover the Way to Anchor Your Brand and Be Memorable
  • The famous teal BIC CLIC pen that is on the cover
  • A mega bar of SENSORY MEDIA® Belgian chocolate
  • Your first month’s membership FREE which includes: 
  1. Exclusive entrance into the Aha! Moment Trailblazer Facebook group. Our mission: To be catalysts for positive change and inspired growth
  2. Weekly Facebook LIVEs with Aha!s, tips, trends, and concepts to build on purpose
  3. Discounts off next-level programs (spoiler alert: the $997 SEVEN KEY program TBA!!)
  4. 15-minute consultation with Jae after completing your program to get your burning question answered
  5. Advance notice of new products and offers (next spoiler alert: more Aha! Moment Journals in the works!!)
  6. Discounts to sought-after, empowering programs like Body Language Expert, Mark Bowden’s Presentation Skills Training for Leaders, Neuroplasticity Expert, Dr. Jussi Eerikainen’s Upgrade Your Signature Frequency and so – SO – many more.
Mailed to your door!
“Jae AGAIN delivers fabulous insights and practical applications to keep our brand, front and centre, both personally and professionally”.
- Michele Bailey, CEO & Founder: Blazing Designs, Ontario, Canada
“Highly informative and at times humorous, Jae M Rang wowed me with her fifty ways to win at engaging with existing and potential customers alike. So many great ideas!”
- Eugenie D. Basu, MBA, Coach, Speaker, Texas, U.S.A.
Companies who have used Sensory Media®
In fact, we have won several awards and earned millions of dollars helping brands earn FAR more by incorporating SENSORY MEDIA® into their relationship-building strategies. It works.

You might say I have been training for 25 years for this day with you! Are YOU ready?

TODAY … NOW … YOU have an opportunity to receive some of the same keys that Bob Proctor and countless others have used successfully through our work together.

Know that what you are about to learn is not taught in schools, not taught in the workplace and not outlined in any formal education textbooks.

That is why SENSORY MEDIA® became an immediate best-seller upon its release.

Next-level earning for YOU starts now. 
Are you ready?
Are you REALLY ready?
Then let’s do this!! Jump in to fast-track your goals, your brand, your business, your PURPOSE to the next level!
I am so excited to be on this journey with you! 
You’re one Aha Moment from living your best life.
Succeed deliberately.

Jae Rang
Jae M. Rang is a multi-award-winning marketer, three-time best-selling author, professional speaker and most importantly, “Mom”. Jae says she’s been training for 25 years for this day – immersed in studies of the mind, the brain, behavior and trends – and beaming to help those with big visions take A Human Approach (AHA) to building their dreams.
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